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Kind words from one of our customers

Your reading was so right on. You told me over twenty years ago that I would have a fire in my condo. There was one last week and luckily it was put out in time.

Our Services

Spiritual Counselling

Winnifred Davis, founder and President of Naazima Inc. has been a spiritual counsellor, traditional/spiritual healer, and psychic medium for more than thirty-three years and provides spiritual counselling services.


There are many other services that Winnifred provides. These services include locating stolen items big and small, uplifting businesses, and exorcisms. “Hauntings” are caused by different types or classes of spirits.

Spiritual Healing

An example of spiritual intervention to help in a physical ailment is the case of illness that the doctor is unable to diagnose. Sometimes, spiritual interference, might prevent the medical professional and his diagnostic tools.

Book Publishing

The Magic of Colors is a delightful book written by an 87-year-old first-time author, L’nor Peterman, illustrated by a 17-year-old artist and put together by an 8-year-old. It is the story of a young boy, Jimmy.

Wellness Products

Soon, Naazima Inc. will be offering products that can aid in your physical, mental. and spiritual well-being. These will include herbal, crystal and other products developed according to the instructions of and sanctified by our many spiritual guides.

Audio Publishing

Audio versions of the books published by Naazima Inc. will be published commencing in January 2023. Naazima Inc. will also publish the music of the late renowned and legenday obeahman, healer and ’61 Revival singer/musician Bongo.


We offer lectures and seminars on the soul, its journey, and the truth that is reincarnation and its facts.  All spirits (souls) are created equal, but all men are not born equal.As spirits we were created with a free will and a conscience to guide that free will.

About Naazima INC

Naazima Inc. was founded in 2002. We at Naazima Inc. believe that true happiness may only be achieved through spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. In other words, the whole cannot be well if the part is unwell. We also believe that it is only through knowledge with the Key of Wisdom to understand knowledge that the whole can be well. The Key of Wisdom opens the Book of Knowledge so that we can understand. Knowledge without understanding or application serves no purpose. To acquire knowledge, we must be humble. Humility opens the door to learning and judgment closes it. We provide spiritual counselling, and traditional/spiritual healing, business upliftment and exorcism services. In addition to these services, we publish books, audio, and we create and distribute products that we believe and allege can aid in improving our spiritual, physical, and mental well-being.

From My readers

Your contribution matters

  1. Do remember to teach your children through your words and actions, respect and love for all human beings regardless of their colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and other differences. Teach them to SAY NO TO HATE, PREJUDICE AND BIGOTRY. Teach them to embrace diversity for diversity ensures the survival of any species.  A future world of peace, love and understanding are dependent on what we impart to the young through our words and actions.
  2. Please be kind to yourself. Be kind to those in your home.  Be kind to your neighbour.  Be kind and courteous to everyone you meet.  Pledge to do one kindness each day and make the world a better place.




History teaches us that supremacist ideology once it gains power, if left unchecked, will take humanity down the path to another NEVER AGAIN MOMENT.  Sadly, but unsurprisingly, we have arrived once...

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