1. Do remember to teach your children through your words and actions, respect and love for all human beings regardless of their colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and other differences. Teach them to SAY NO TO HATE, PREJUDICE AND BIGOTRY. Teach them to embrace diversity for diversity ensures the survival of any species.  A future world of peace, love and understanding are dependent on what we impart to the young through our words and actions.
  2. Please be kind to yourself. Be kind to those in your home.  Be kind to your neighbour.  Be kind and courteous to everyone you meet.  Pledge to do one kindness each day and make the world a better place.
  3. Please remember the voiceless and the invisible who are no longer on the front page but are still in dire need of our help. These include people who are refugees in their homeland or who have had to flee their homeland because of conflict, persecution, or the devastating effects of climate change.  Below are some of the countries and people that are no longer on the front page but are in dire need of our help:

Central African Republic (CAR)


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

El Salvador


Indigenous Peoples worldwide including The Amazon








South  Sudan


Tigray (Ethiopia)

Tuvalu and other South Pacific Nations


And of course, we must never forget UKRAINE that is on the front page at this time.


  1. Kindness begins at home. Support your local food bank with your time, food, or money.  There are many children, the disabled, and elderly in our midst who do not have enough to eat every day.  Remember them not only on holidays but EVERYDAY.

“We, like all other creatures, are tenants on this earth. Let us be good tenants. Respect and take care of our environment.”

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You. One Universal And Divine Love!


  1. How we treat the sick, the infirm and our children is the test of a society’s humanity and civilization.  Wars that have been taking place during the last two decades have been especially difficult for children which include the ongoing wars in Gaza, the DRC, Sudan and the frozen war in Yemen.  With every new conflict, the war on children worsens. The brutality, wanton destruction and gratuitous violence is alarming. We see the rape of not just men and women, but also of the elderly, children and babies.  Children are shot down in cold blood, sometimes bulldozed. They are denied food, water and medicine, left to the elements in winter without shelter or warm clothing. They are mutilated by bombs while waiting in line for water. They are drugged and used as child soldiers. They are held captive, kidnapped and imprisoned without charge, tortured and labelled as criminals unable to see their families. They are left orphans, maimed, often to fend for themselves and traumatized for life. Their future is further threatened with the destruction of ecosystems, mining of waterways, more pollution and earthquakes perhaps exacerbated by the weapons like bunker busting bombs, adding more crises to a climate already in dire crisis, all “too much for the earth to digest.”
  2. Here at Naazima Inc, we stand for universal justice, unconditional love and forgiveness.  We believe that we are our Brothers Keepers and as such that we should take care of each other.  We believe that all parents want the same things for their children no matter where they are on this earth.  ALL children love to play, be they in Israel, Gaza, Sudan, West Bank, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, Yemen or the Democratic Republic of Congo. .  They should have the chance to play and learn.  Every child has a right to food, shelter,good health care, safety, peace, the right to an education and to be surrounded by their family and showered with love. It is our duty to take care of ALL children no matter the masks including, race, colour, religion, ethnicity, race, language. It is our duty to love ALL children equally.
  3. Following are links to legitimate organizations to which you may make donations to help so many of our brothers who are in dire need of our help.  Thank you.  We are our Brother’s Keeper.