About us

Welcome to Naazima INC

Naazima Inc. was founded in 2002. We at Naazima Inc. believe that true happiness may only be achieved through spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. In other words, the whole cannot be well if the part is unwell. We also believe that it is only through knowledge with the Key of Wisdom to understand knowledge that the whole can be well. The Key of Wisdom opens the Book of Knowledge so that we can understand. Knowledge without understanding or application serves no purpose. To acquire knowledge, we must be humble. Humility opens the door to learning and judgment closes it. We provide spiritual counselling, and traditional/spiritual healing, business upliftment and exorcism services. We also offer lectures and seminars on the soul, its journey and the truth of reincarnation and its facts. In addition to these services, we publish books, audio, and we create and distribute products that we believe and allege can aid in improving our spiritual, physical, and mental well-being.

Winnifred Davis, founder and President of Naazima Inc., has been a spiritual counsellor, traditional/spiritual healer, and psychic medium/shaman for more than thirty-three years. She is the widow of the late renowned and legendary Jamaican obeahman, healer, and revival musician/singer, Ivanhoe Wilson (“Bongo” of Zion Hill) with whom she collaborated for twenty-four years. Both Winnifred and her husband have helped clients of different cultures and religions, the educated and the uneducated, the rich and the poor, the known and the unknown from around the globe. Winnifred Davis is affectionately called “Mommy”, “Mom”, “Mother”, “Granma”, and “Auntie” by many because of her patience, care, compassion, truthfulness, honesty, her refusal to judge them, and the help she has given in improving their lives. Winnifred considers herself not only a mother of three children but also a mother to many. Winnifred is an essayist, published poet, and spoken word/movement performer since her teenage years. She has won prizes for her excellence. Also an author, Winnifred has written books on a variety of topics including a collection of Jamaican proverbs, She has written extensively on the soul and its journey, the truth of reincarnation and its facts and currently resides in Canada.