Traditional / Spiritual Healing

Often reading and counselling are not enough to overcome certain problems in the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our lives and we need other actions (action requiring higher vibrations) which demand the intervention of a traditional/spiritual healer. As a traditional/spiritual healer, Winnifred will advise you if you need spiritual intervention. If you do need that intervention, then with the guidance and help of her many spirit guides including members of different hierarchies, she can remove the negative vibrations that are impeding your progress and creating havoc in different aspects of your life. If you do not need spiritual intervention, she will tell you. Winnifred is honest and pragmatic. Winnifred and her guides including members of the different hierarchies utilize different methods seen and unseen to overcome various obstacles.

An example of spiritual intervention to help in a physical ailment is the case of illness that the doctor is unable to diagnose. Sometimes, spiritual interference, might prevent the medical professional and his diagnostic tools from being able to diagnose the problem. The Spiritual healer can clear the negative energies or blocks which will then enable the medical professional to accurately diagnose the issue and prescribe treatment.

While spiritual intervention can go a long way in helping you overcome many obstacles, you must also do your part. You must have faith, focus, belief and follow the instructions you are given for your healing to be successful. You cannot be healed unless you want to be healed. Winnifred believes that we must do no harm and that free will and good intentions must always guide us in all that we do.

“Many of us can only read the tarot, but Winny, you make things happen.” –Tarot Card Reader