We were created equal as spirits in the eyes of the Creator, our Father,  and were given free will and a conscience to guide that free will. With that free will,  we decided to enter the evolutionary processes unfolding on earth which was not our destiny. Having done so, we entered corruption because of the Lucifer Syndrome,  our SELFISHNESS and cravenness for power, creating imbalances in our souls.  We  then became subject to the law of cause and effect, karma. Karma brings the soul  back into equilibrium by way of reincarnation which is facilitated by death. What then is a spirit, our eternal Being? A spirit never dies. A spirit is indivisible. A  soul and spirit are the same, the difference being only that a soul is an incarnate  spirit; a spirit that is united with a body. A spirit cannot inhabit different bodies at  the same time for the spirit is indivisible; therefore, a spirit can only have one host  body at a time. Spirits never sleep. Spirits never tire. They know neither thirst nor hunger. That  which is of the five physical senses is of no relevance to them.  While we are  experiencing human life during the different incarnation, we are imprisoned by the  five senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. Spirits are of different orders, with different vibrations determined by their purity, their restoration and advancement. They radiate in all directions; therefore the soul (incarnate spirit) can also send out its thoughts to many different regions at the same time depending on its degree of purity, restoration, and advancement for time, space and form are of no relevance to a spirit. Space, time, and form are relevant only during our different lifetimes on earth as we expiate, advance, and restore our soul. Spirits are sometimes visible as sparks or dots of light in film. These sparks or dots  are called orbs. Sometimes, a spark is seen during death, as the breath leaves the  body or at birth. We might have sensations of heat and cold, different scents, or  “hearings”. If a spirit desires to harm us, we get goosebumps, and our heads feel as  if they are expanding. If they wish to make themselves visible, then we will see them  as to how they want to be seen in whatever shape or form, whether as man or beast. If our vibrations are higher than theirs, then they will always be visible to us if we so desire. Where in the body is the soul to be found? The soul is to be found in no particular  part of the body. We might say that the soul may be found in the heads of those who think much, the hearts of those who feel much, wherever, moral (non-judgmental),  and intellectual (religion and science) converge. The soul radiates outside the body.  It is in this way that the soul animates the body.

Why are we on earth?

We are on earth to expiate, advance and restore our souls.  Created equal  as spirits in the eyes of the Creator, our Father, we were given free will and a  conscience to guide that free will. Rather than just observing the evolutionary  processes unfolding on earth, some of us decided with our free will to participate.    As the Jamaican proverb says, “Stan an sih noh bruk noh danse; a fas mash it up.”   (It is okay to be an observer but the problems begin when we become participants.) In other words, we strayed from our own evolutionary path and entered that on  earth with our own free will, and in so doing, fell into the abyss of spiritual  mistakes. To become participants in these processes, we fought and murdered creatures for  spaces that were created for them and not us.  We began to deny the spirit becoming obsessed with the material affinities.  We had entered corruption because of the  Lucifer Syndrome, our SELFISHNESS, creating imbalances in our souls, many  imprisoned by the five senses of the human body. Duality was the result of this  imbalance so that now we have to know vice in order to know virtue, and good to  know bad.  We were trapped. We became subject to the law of cause and effect, karma. Karma brings the soul  back into equilibrium by way of reincarnation that is facilitated by death. To escape the trap in which we found ourselves so that we can return to our true  evolutionary path, we must  bring our souls back into equilibrium.  It was on earth  that we fell into the abyss of spiritual mistakes and created the imbalance in our  souls, and thus, it is on earth that we must, as human beings, purify, advance and  restore our souls. And so it is that we are eternal spiritual beings experiencing temporary human life.

What is a sin?

A sin is a spiritual mistake.  It is any deed or thought that  contravenes the principles of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man,  doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, LOVE. What constitutes a sin or spiritual mistake cannot be arbitrarily determined by any  man, institution, or society. A sin is a manifestation of one or more weaknesses in  the soul and is consequently determined universally, divinely, irrespective of, and  transcending all superficialities or masks including culture, language, geography,  and religion the system. Any form of abuse whether to self, to others or our environment, constitutes sin.  Abuse is the loss of control over the material affinities, falling prey to and becoming  victim (passive) of them. Smoking, gambling, consumption of alcohol, and sex are  not sins or spiritual mistakes, only when we abuse same, become addicted, lose  control of and over same, passion becomes vice. The consumption of particular foods such as pork is not a sin as long as there is no abuse and the principles of The  Fatherhood of God and The Brotherhood of Man are not contravened. Denial of the will is prohibition and denial of the spirit is addiction. These are sins.  Ceding our free will to others constitutes a sin. Usurping the free will of others and  trying to control them also constitute a sin. Destructive self-guilt is a sin. In some instances, the intention of our action will determine whether that action is a sin or not.  One such instance is adultery. The circumstances and intention matter  here.  The reasons and the harm it might cause others are all things to consider.

What is karma?

Karma is the law of cause and effect, the result of spiritual  mistakes.  Karma is the law of cause and effect — to every action, there is an  (equal) reaction. “…. for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”  (Galatians 6: 7), and “..Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take  the sword shall perish with the sword” (St. Matthew 26:52) are two statements  which describe karma. Cause and effect may take place in the current lifetime or during subsequent ones.  We the doers of the deeds will reap in kind in the third and fourth generations, not  our descendants, for it is we who must return to expiate, advance and restore our  soul. What justice would there be if others were made to account for our deeds? Karmic influence is the result of contravening the principles of The Fatherhood of  God and The Brotherhood of Man, NOT doing unto others as we would have them do unto us—LOVE.   In other words, karma is a result of sin, a spiritual mistake that  we commit. Karma brings the soul into equilibrium, the state of perfection, through successive  transformations that we refer to as reincarnation. Karma makes reincarnation  necessary. Transformation occurs through or is facilitated by death when the earthly body, the host of the soul, dies and the soul disengages from that body and  reincarnates into another “corporeal host” in a subsequent lifetime. Karma might operate individually and in groups. Group karma results from the  actions in which we as a group engaged. We as a group have not been good tenants  on earth.  Hence, the effects of climate change is being felt by all of us. Another example of group karma is cited by the well-known American psychic Edgar Cayce (Langley 1988) in one of his readings, where it was revealed that the souls of  the Conquistadors who were involved in the savage conquest and annihilation of the Aztecs returned to Spain during the Spanish Civil War. During that time, brothers  betrayed brothers and children betrayed parents. Group karma might help to  explain why seemingly a group of (seemingly) innocent people are sometimes the  victims of untold atrocities. We might note here that karma is not sequential. While a karmic debt might be  incurred and expiated in the same lifetime, there is no sequence or order to when it  will be expiated or “settled.” In other words, a karmic debt might not be settled in  the next lifetime. It might be dealt with ten lifetimes after it was incurred. We decide  when to expiate that debt when we return to the spiritual plane.